“Lacy’s program is absolutely amazing. She has developed easy to fix, yummy meals that my entire family can eat. The meal plans that she suggests with the exercise portion of her program is very realistic for any mom.”
— Kara, mom of 5
Lean In Fifteen!
29.95 39.95

These easy to follow 15 minute workouts will get you in shape fast and on with your busy day! Using HIIT technology, these workouts are created specifically for the busy mom who needs to reclaim her body, feel better about herself, burn away the baby fat, and do it FAST! 


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Becoming a Lean Mom - Digital Download
39.95 49.95

This digital download contains the complete meal plan, grocery lists, and nutrition details Lacy used to lose 65 pounds after the birth of her children. It is the same meal plan hundreds of other moms have used to reshape their bodies. The book is filled with fitness and nutrition advice from Lacy to help you feel good inside and out again.

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Flat Abs for Moms!

Get your abs back after babies! Doing one to three of these video exercises three times a week will help to close up your abdominal muscles after giving birth, as well as shape and tone your waist, and strengthen your entire core. 

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“Ok today I noticed my dress pants seemed a little saggy in the rear. So I stepped on the scale. I’ve not been below 140 since college and I hit 139 today. So far a loss of 7 lbs. I’m loving this program!!”
— Angel, Mom of 2
“LeanMoms helped me rock my 20-year reunion. I lost my goal weight of 5 pounds (plus an additional 3) and dropped my body fat percentage a couple percents as well. The meal plan helped me rethink the way I eat and converted me to healthier choices.”
— Emily, Mom of 4
“I love LeanMoms. It helps me eat clean and make better choices for not only myself but my family. My kids are eating better and making better food choices.”
— Brandi, mom of 2

Real Lean Mom's results

“One thing I love about the Leanmoms program is that the longer you do it the more the diet becomes the way you eat and not a diet you follow just to lose weight. Sometimes we eat things we know are not good for us anyway, but then we get back on track because it is worth it!”
— Dacia, Mom of 3
“I feel better...and am getting into the diet so it’s getting easier to follow. Today I did legs and my do they feel strong! My pants are fitting better too.”

— Janet, single mom of 4
“Just finished “sexy shoulders” & 20 minutes on the treadmill. I’m sweating like crazy & it feels so good! The icing on the cake is that my 12 year old son did the entire workout with me! His first time completing it all!”
— Tracy, mom of 3