Easy Homemade Recipe for Reducing Stretch Marks and Tightening Loose Belly Skin

After adding the “Mom” title, two of the biggest issues moms deal with for the rest of their lives are the purple streaks running down their bellies and loose baggy skin. I know! I’ve had three, full-term pregnancies, and my stretch marks showed it. I was proud of them, but I also didn't want them to be the only thing people noticed about me and I definitely wanted to tighten up the skin around my belly.

Stretch marks result when your skin stretches too quickly. For example, some of you may have stretch marks on your thighs or other areas of your body from years when you grew too quickly. I do. I grew several inches in one year and have stretch marks on the sides of my thighs from it. Stretch marks can happen anytime your skin stretches in a short amount of time and then stays stretched in that position. Pregnancy, gaining large amounts of weight, and growth spurts are all culprits of stretch marks. If you remove the cause of stretched skin, you end up with loose skin. A balloon deflates after it’s blown up, and so does your skin after fat loss or pregnancy. This same issue happens with your breasts after milk production and breastfeeding is completed.

I remember looking at my breasts one day after I had weaned my last child, and although I was so grateful for the chance to nurse my babies, I was appalled at what had happened to my breasts. Thankfully, there is help for those changes. Anyway, back to the stretch marks and loose skin. After trying a few product recommendations from different mom blogs and a couple suggestions from friends, but not seeing any significant improvement, I began to concoct my own homemade recipes. After a lot of trial and error, I finally found the perfect blend of ingredients to fade stretch marks plus tighten and tone up the belly area. I used my mix on my breasts and surprisingly it helped tighten the skin and reduce the stretch marks there too! 

Now I'm not going to lie and say this is all I did and now I have an awesome looking stomach etc. I also ate clean - following my LeanMoms nutrition plan and I lifted weights and incorporated my 15 minute HIIT workouts. These combined with applying my stretch mark blend each night yielded exciting results after 3-4 months. My stretch marks significantly diminished and my belly skin tightened up to where I felt comfortable and confident in a bikini again.

Here's my homemade recipe (this lasts me about 2 weeks): 

Recipe for Reducing Stretch Marks & Tightening Loose Belly Skin


If irritation occurs, discontinue use. 

Let me know if you try this out. Several moms have shared they've received great results with it. :)