Easy Homemade Recipe for Reducing Stretch Marks and Tightening Loose Belly Skin

After adding the “Mom” title, two of the biggest issues moms deal with for the rest of their lives are the purple streaks running down their bellies and loose baggy skin. 

Stretch marks result when your skin stretches too quickly. For example, some of you may have stretch marks on your thighs or other areas of your body from years when you grew too quickly.

Stretch marks can happen anytime your skin stretches in a short amount of time and then stays stretched in that position. Pregnancy, gaining large amounts of weight, and growth spurts are all culprits of stretch marks.

If you remove the cause of stretched skin, you end up with loose skin. A balloon deflates after it’s blown up, and so does your skin after fat loss or pregnancy. This same issue happens with your breasts after milk production and breastfeeding is completed.

For a more natural cure to help reduce and diminish stretch marks and loose skin, try out this homemade recipe. It will last about 2 weeks. 

Recipe for Reducing Stretch Marks & Tightening Loose Belly Skin


If irritation occurs, discontinue use.